Write more/Write Consistently

A simple writing sprint timer

Writing sprints happen everywhere: writing workshops, Twitter, Facebook, and in-person. Keeping track of your progress should be easy and beautiful. Write/Sprint does all that and more.


How long would you like to write?

Using an intuitive slider, set the timer for your writing sprint.


Set your starting word count

Write/Sprint will automatically calculate how many words you wrote during your writing sprint.


Enter your ending word count

Track how much progress you made with your writing by entering your ending word count.

Don't Write Alone

Writing + Community

Writing sprints are both personal and public. When you want to share and celebrate your progress, do so easily from Write/Sprint.

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About Write/Sprint

Write/Sprint was created by Justin Hunter. Justin has been a writer for as long as he could pick up a pencil. He built Write/Sprint after participating in manually tracked writing sprints during his MFA program.You can learn more about Justin here.Write/Sprint is a product of Mind Pollution, LLC.

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